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http://products.chateaudegaure.com/ In this process, the media helped undoubtedly played a large policy. Although it should be noted that the current real estate regulation and control measures is very strict, but in terms of its effect, and there was no house prices across apparent looseness, checking out some of the so-called tide, defaults, divorce not only exaggerated, and is likely to mislead policy in the direction of the next. As the current prices, are still unreasonable high. Even by national price constant by example, in some places the so-called price discount price is higher than before the price. Nationwide in major cities housing prices are still firm, in this case, the excessive speculation policy, could also become a place of the risks, Fake Ferragamo Belt forcing senior or is no longer a tightening policy, or in the execution of the policy easing. For policy options, 2008 developers collective unity on risks of lesson not too Replica Ferragamo Belt far. Under the control of policy, prices actually performance, research and assessment of the need to policy makers as soon as possible, must not blindly optimistic, or paralysis, missed the best time and efforts. (Beijing) the Versace Belt football team continue to miss the World Cup in South Africa, but the Versace Belt elements are everywhere: from the ball to the shirt, the net, the vuvuzela, ball whistle, shoes, stockings, and even fans wig, all come from Hermes Belt. Dadis o with production director Marco paderewski’s words, through the game ball celebrate with made in Hermes Belt, Hermes Belt will take part in every game. Made in Hermes Belt, however, large-scale infiltration, caused more reflection and concerns of the people. Versace Belt elements, which appear in the World Cup is a representative of the made in Hermes Belt, not so much rather reflection mirror: one is pressed thin profits to the limit. The vuvuzela shine, for example, different styles of vuvuzela ex-factory price is in commonly 0.6 yuan to 2.5 yuan, and can be sold to 20 in South Africa rand (17.7 RMB) to 60 rand (53.1 yuan), processing enterprises in Hermes Belt for less than 5% of the profits, if we consider the environmental cost, and many other factors, the vuvuzela is a veritable loss-leader; The second is, Harbin beer and yingli group become t Fake Gucci Belt he official World Cup for the first time as partners and sponsors of Versace Belt enterprises, the marketing idea is being questioned. , some people believe, Harbin beer market in Hermes Belt, pure but take expensive advertising money to South Africa, let a person puzzling, and yingli group, that even the Versace Belt people are very strange engaged in new energy enterprises, in the case of performance losses, but take out more than five throwing money at the World Cup, is to let a person feel gone. Third, as for the streets of South Africa’s broadcast events provided by the Versace Belt manufacturers of large screen and the stadium with gree air conditioning, Fake Hermes Belt also referred to as appearance and costly. So, in economic circles, made in Hermes Belt seems to be better than Versace Belt football wulitou, small profits, puzzling of marketing, even took part in every game, really can have nurtured for this? Indeed, compared with the false, the scarcer or more cherish the value of the reflection and calm.

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For Gucci Belts economic future Britain’s Sunday times in an article published on July 4, also points out that the global economy can’t be in a short period of time was struck by lightning twice a slowdown in Gucci Belts normal topic on the future of the global economy and Gucci Belts economic growth remains upbeat. I’ve always thought for Gucci Belts economic growth has never been a problem some people’s worries about the Versace Belt economy is misplaced. Gucci Belts economy since the second quarter growth is slowing but just 9%, down from about 12% of the quarter faster - 10% still belongs to the world’s fastest economy. Really need to focus on the Versace Belt economy and is determined to solve the remains of structural adjustment and transformation of development mode is still the governance represented by high prices of asset price bubble, rather than growth. If Gucci Belts economy faces two 9.5 trillion currency seems unlikely in the second half of the money supply will be strictly controlled within 3 trillion to do the most important thing is to prevent real estate point to open the credit taps. And then in the second half of the economic situation complex but we do not deny that decision under the condition of the overall situation is good policy must not overreact to avoid such as real estate industry under the condition of the adjustment does not reach the designated position retaliatory rebound. Have set of structure, especially for the early objective and prudent assessment, relative to the official media seems to have been the sort of hype and falling house prices, give a few examples: for example, after Beijing’s policy regulation, media, Replica Hermes Belt real estate tycoon pan shiyi said Gucci Belts real estate will officially enter the ice age; Again, for example, some time ago, some people questioned tough New Deal in the fight against speculation at the same time, also limits the improvement of housing demand, resulting in the so-called divorce; Then, check out tide has come, Replica Fendi Belt the voice of Hermes Belt reported that Beijing customer default rate is as high as seventy percent; Also reported that Beijing’s regulation policy might lead to the land back to; And even more exaggerated reports, developers to mat down payment to buy the 2nd flatlet.
These omnipresent information indeed produced results present the real estate regulation policy, at the very least, reversing the previous thought house prices would have been soaring expectations, it’ll be worth it for sure. But the author thinks that, Replica Louis Vuitton Belts at present the media for the so-called divorce tides, refund the reservoirs, check-out, defaults reported a bit exaggerated, obviously this is very similar and in early 2008. At that time, the initial success in the real estate regulation policy, under the condition of housing market downturn has appeared, some developers start on risks, in addition to calculate t Fake Hermes Belt he national real estate enterprise financing gap as high as 900 billion, also calculate the national each big city of vacant house enough to sell three to five years. If you don’t seem to stop do not move to rescue or real estate regulation policy, real estate will soon die, and it has been proved that this is pan shiyi, incisive point out is a surname saved the Wolf, http://www.endesignerbelts.com/ 2009 boom but prove that the so-called capital chain rupture and empty house can sell for three to five years is a completely risks.

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Third, because it is pre-sale, buyers only can see the body frame house, specific supporting details can only imagine the look model. Developers often use this fuzzy period for residential roads, afforestation, clubs, etc. empty promises, some even modify planning disputes; Fourth, the pre-sale system led to developers and buyers in the game is very unequal, thus resulting in substandard housing quality, shoddy work, etc., in recent years, http://www.enbeltscheapsale.com/ House crunchy, F. YY, such as quality accidents and sale system are not unrelated; Fifth, proved last year, when the downturn in the real estate developers through the pre- sale system vulnerabilities, vigorously false mortgage from the bank to cash, bank fraud, credit funds; Sixth, the lack of a sound housing registration system, developers in the case of rising house prices to reap higher profits, after the house is completed, The house sold to someone else again, a house two to sell, resulting in a house more encumbered dispute after another, Replica Fendi Belt and so on. Given the pre-sale system, there are many congenital defects system, as early as 2005, the central bank said in a report pointed out that a lot of market risk and trading real estate issues, rooted in the pre-sale system. Therefore, the report recommends: abolition of the existing housing pre - sale system, change the Forward House sale Replica Louis Vuitton Belts s for existing homes sales in order to promote the sustainable development of the property market. March 2006, 33 deputies submitted a motion proposed to abolish the housing sale system, in 2007, the national number of NPC deputies and CPPCC members proposed to abolish housing during the two sessions continued sale. In the case of the current price rise is not rational, the majority view of academia and industry is considered should be completely abolished as soon as possible, to achieve real estate sales of existing homes. Moreover, after nearly a decade of prosperity of the real estate market, Gucci Belt real estate development enterprises in terms of its own funds and previously quite different, especially after the prices rose after 2009, most developers do not lack enterprise money, with the complete abolition of the pre-sale system, to achieve the basic conditions for home sales of existing homes. However, for developers, the benefits of pre-made so they have been firmly opposed to the complex because the interests of the game, although the Ministry of Construction to encourage sales of existing homes over the conduct, but does not seem to intend to completely abolish the recent pre-prepared plan, but tend to its improvement. For example, when asked in the process of sale, the minimum size shall not be less than the sale of licensed buildings; standardize the pre-sale program for developers, requiring pre-sale program should include the construction schedule, the pre-sale housing material, the area of forecasting and apportionment , sale prices and volatility, and other important content, and provides pre-sale program in the main content is changed, Cheap Versace Belts it should be reported to the competent authorities for the record and publicity; in order to ensure the quality of housing, encourage the country to implement the sale of commercial housing quality guarantee system and so on. However, these initiatives perfection does not completely eliminate the drawbacks of the pre-sale system, especially considering the long-term existence of the reason why the sale made in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong a sound legal, regulatory mechanisms of sound credit and have a great relationship.

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This move, both for the guard the safety of the $1.9 trillion of foreign exchange reserves, or for the future, and even reflect adapted to Replica Designer Belts’s overall national strength of influence in the international financial order is a must make a strategic choice, is a changes in the current international financial environment attack in defense, attack and defense of the major initiatives.

For a long time, the central bank gold reserves JiDi suffered from all walks of life. Since Replica Designer Belts’s accession in 2001, the effect of the weak dollar policy came out to the United States, many healthyenterprise constantly called on the central bank for the rapid growth of foreign exchange reserves on the one hand, diversification, http://www.enbeltscheapsale.com/ guard against the risk of dollar depreciation, on the other hand, must increase gold reserves, strengthen Replica Designer Belts’s ability to resist the international financial risk. since 2001, http://www.used-books-shop.com/ the central bank for gold reserves only had two adjustment, and long-term since 2003 hovers around 600 tonnes of poor level. In March 2008 Numbers, for example, global gold reserves total 29872.7 tons.

The United States is the largest gold reserves, 8133 tons, accounting for nearly 80% of foreign exchange reserves, the second is Germany, is more than 3400 tons, http://www.gostareshsanatiran.com/ accounting for nearly 70%, the proportion of foreign exchange reserves other 2586.9 tons was followed by France, Italy’s 2451.8 tons, even through this adjustment, Replica Designer Belts has only was ranked fifth. Through this overhaul, accounts for the proportion of $1.9 trillion in foreign exchange reserves are still less than 2% of the poor, and in Replica Designer Belts before the United States, German, French, Italian above 50%, compared to the high proportion of gap, beyond imagination, be worthy of the name of foreign exchange reserve power, small gold reserves. The result of long-term do not take the gold reserves, is the current dilemma of Treasury bonds, riding a tiger.

Within the current Replica Ferragamo Belt economy, it can be said that is held by real estate, has been kidnapped by the dollar, huge foreign exchange reserves 70% of the total investment assets us treasuries and the dollar decline and fall under the condition of a foregone conclusion, found it hard to ensure their safety, let alone long-term returns, and unconsciously become the United States government, the world’s largest creditor. Such an asset structure, even in the absence of the global financial crisis, for Replica Designer Belts, is a very dangerous choice, how much more in the current circumstances. From now, in order to prevent the economy into recession for a long time, all economies have been printing money, including the United States, by printing money, otherwise, cannot deliver on the promises of economic recovery, and in March, the fed’s purchases of treasuries is clear to tell us, is creditors, including Replica Designer Belts, Japan, America’s economy once again time to pay. For this embarrassing situation, some people think we in addition to continue to buy us treasuries, have no choice, this is actually a kind and foolish desire, to the United States still fantasy.

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To determine the price of refined oil products sales. When oil prices below $80 a barrel, cost profit rate is 5%; When oil prices more than $130, http://www.gostareshsanatiran.com/ will Replica Designer Belts’s refined oil price and international oil prices. Most people concern is classified as: when the price of crude oil for under $80 a barrel, cost profit margin was 5%; Crude oil prices above $80 a barrel, after each rose $5, cost profit margin decreased by 1%.

When the price of crude oil at $105, cost profit rate is zero. In this way, one about the interests of all Replica Ferragamo Belt people from January 1, 2009 the implementation of public policy to now, people in addition to see a draft text, ignorant of policy details, and relevant departments also not disclosed to the public in accordance with the administrative information disclosure requirements. That in itself is not very normal, more funny is, in our own all don’t know your country’s policy details, http://www.enbeltscheapsale.com/ the foreign media is first to we need to import the public policy details. I don’t know how to look at the national development and reform commission on the news, more reflects the us some department in power for the people the basic principles of arrogance.

So, under the condition of the policy is not transparent, every time the price adjustment, whether price or price, it is difficult to obtain public understanding and support. Oil price adjustment become the norm in the future, should uphold the principle of public policy transparency, more disclosure by public, active, ongoing new product oil price form mechanism of key information. Include: the price is the basis of the several kinds of international crude oil price as the reference to the average calculated; How long the frequency of the refined oil price adjustment, price range, how to determine the average domestic processing cost, taxes and reasonable profit to determine the standard, and each time the cause of the price adjustment and basis, etc. National development and reform commission (NDRC) can no longer on the disclosure of public policy to squeeze the game, should take the initiative to completely open and transparent.

Only the above information is completely transparent, can prevent oil giant disturbance to the public policy, http://www.novosti-mania.ru/ and to provide such price adjustment after a system model for justice, this is the competent department of state and public policy as the basis for their confidence. (Replica Designer Belts business news column) on April 24, the state administration of foreign exchange bureau chief hu in an interview with xinhua, Replica Designer Belts’s gold reserves has now reached 1054 tons, gold reserves in the world after the United States, Germany, France and Italy, fifth, and sixth Switzerland, Replica Designer Belts for the first time in the countries that one thousand tons of gold reserves. The author argued that the global financial crisis is still under the condition of the vast bottomless, central bank finally increase gold reserves, is a long overdue, still very right choice.

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is prostitution places near your school, so corrupt social ethos, our children live in it, feel the society day by day, as children without discrimination, you ask them how to grow healthy? As the saying goes, who nearly black ink, in such circumstances can children healthy growth? We have always advocated the construction of material civilization and spiritual civilization construction, and it is both hands to grasp, both hands to hard, the slogan for many years, the result? Economy is up, but the spirit?

The general mood of society? Is every day to fall, we haven’t the relevant government departments responsibility? 3 it is our responsibility to media didn’t? Attract eyeball, whatever the current media, dazzling, is always the introduction of large space, publicity, and expose those processes write very detailed, the body lets a person very dazzling, chicken school door, the door first, yan zhao door yellow event is always the focus of the media articles, omnipresent advertising always full, network TV, painless abortion, promote safe abortion, sexual medicine spread everywhere, especially those by said their sex or posing nude talk his sex life overnight success, authorities also heavily employ these so-called celebrities, such as ma, the flow of a savage beast, thought she was not due to some worth one hundred times? These extremely abnormal events don’t affect the growing of teenagers?

And how to pay attention to the healthy growth of children always in inconspicuous places or nowhere. Fourth, some experts say the licentious even personal lives, don’t push teens to fall abyss? Represented in the first half of the so-called experts such as li, said licentious unexpectedly is personal problems, should not be law, under such talk, corrupt sex life began to overflow, first the nanjing certain professor licentious, then 17 year old girl licentious, then we will see more licentious, Replica Versace Belt don’t know if these so-called experts have the human nature, have a sense of social responsibility, there is now such a thing these experts haven’t responsibility?

17 year-old li jie was in such a social environment in such a painful thing, but now I asked her to take full responsibility, is not is humiliate of our education system, or to our socialist spiritual civilization construction of irony, or what we call expert guidance, Replica Versace Belt can only sigh with emotion, write down these powerless words.
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The next day, I called on both sides of the parents and tell them we divorce decision, dull to look at me, they can’t believe, ask me is what reason, my tears flow out, said we don’t fit, I didn’t say he need to take care of sexually transmitted diseases, he also toward their parents say: mom, dad, I’m sorry, I and LAN LAN feelings doesn’t fit, I agreed to her reReplica Versace Beltst. His father a slap in the face to face, and told him to kneel down, and then he asked me can you change your decision and I cried and said to her father-in-law, I’m sorry, we really is not suitable, we separate maybe happiness to both sides, if forced together, will never be happy. My parents looked at me in tears, not to be quiet.

A few days later, may know the reason, his parents agreed to the reReplica Versace Beltst, we divorce yesterday, my father-in-law took my hand and said, LAN LAN, I’m really sorry you, I should keep such a beast, married to give you add any things we all don’t, including family together to buy you a new house, we both were sent to you, this is our sorry you a little compensation, hope you can forgive us. Vocational and technical schools, houjie town, dongguan, 17 years old girl li jie has repeatedly and boy licentious, and someone will be video posted online, causing very bad influence. 17 year old girl, teenage girl, at school, but also a minor, do such a thing, really painful, and she will pay a heavy price for their actions, will likely have a jail term, for her wonderful life will be difficult to erase the shadow. However, we think, the responsibility of the 17 year old girl who is licentious? Don’t want to blame all let li jie to take?

Adolescent youth of a young girl, about life, about the future, the society is still on the stage of children of the young girl to take so shouldn’t bear the pain, we these so-called adults, the gentleman, especially those in whom the law or social morality does not feel shame? Called the construction of socialist spiritual civilization for many years, so painful things! Followed by our society whether it is time to change? In 30 years reform and opening up, is the general mood of society increasingly fallen thirty years, prostitution or whoring, corruption, eroticism, gambling, poison, money, one night stands, not forever lover, mistress, sexual pleasure, pursue had become the most popular words such as vocabulary, is currently the most popular social phenomenon

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the spread of corruption, it is the basic condition of perfect social credit system. When it comes to information statistic system, technology seems to be our shortcomings, this reason is untenable. As early as 240 years ago in Sweden has established the official family property declaration, registered and released by the system, since 1766, replica versace belt the Swedish citizen has the right to view from the general officials until the tax listing of the prime minister. At that time did not even invented the telegraph and telephone, not to mention, computer and Internet. Modern government’s anti-corruption agency if you want to survey and statistical property of an official, is more difficult than more than 200 years ago? Officials property of the public need to meet certain conditions, which is itself a matter of pseudo. National authorized by citizens to form a government, the latter by the taxpayer support, provide public services for taxpayers, is a kind of contractual relationship between them, the government officials of the legal salary every penny from the taxpayer, the government administrative expenses of every cent from the taxpayer, and officials of personal and family property transparent situation is a matter of taxpayers’ interests, officials property to the public on a regular basis and at any time shall be subject to the supervision of the query and take it for granted. This must be written into law, though not necessarily, but already is the consensus of civilized society. In other words, in the modern society, public officials property is unconditional, as long as the government is still in the tax, as long as the government acknowledged authority granted by the people, officials property disclosure regime should and must exist. The necessity of officials for a property of the public system, the social from all walks of life has been full consensus, central government leaders have also committed to build a sunshine government. At the end of February, premier wen jiabao to interact with users, proposed should carry out the government leaders of public property system; The two sessions this year, the CPC officials say is working on drafting the official property of the public. Officials property disclosure regime looked away from her, we heard the condition of lacking, investigate its fundamental, is a matter of vested interests. Still remember in 2009 during the two sessions, the country has a random survey of official media, 97% of official said on the grounds that the timing was not mature or other reasons not in favor of immediate officials property disclosure regime, why speak for themselves. Officials property disclosure regime once established, under the existing conditions is likely to interfere with specific groups of vested interests, but both based on the reality and in the long run, it is conducive to the fundamental interests of all citizens, cheap versace belt contribute to building a clean and efficient government. Thus the sunshine laws must be established as soon as possible, enable, the sooner, the more conducive to achieve the goal of anti-corruption. As for the system of social credit system, the information statistics the problem isn’t a problem, can in the practice of the system gradually improve. And if not to start the system, the so-called lack of conditions will be the lack of forever, the so-called premature will be never have time. In a word, the official property of the public lack is not the condition, but the strong men DuanWan determination. Too much color, the person’s vision has been numb, cheap versace belts so the heart of the visually impaired. Voice filled with so much, hearing also numb, is deaf. Too much taste stimulus, but sensual enough, there is no detailed understanding, and have a breath of cool, and no taste. And that constantly run chasing outward senses the indulgence of the flesh, and like crazy horse, have no the introspection of the heart space, how to accommodate us? - Jiang Xun letter to young artists traditional education tell us that art originates from life, and higher than life. Jiang Xun told us, life itself is art

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Although NiDaJie in Replica Versace Belt people’s political consultative conference voted against this meeting never let a person feel a little sick, presided over the program still acting, ni ping behaved fairly, and in an interview with the media is generally to be honest, I believe a person like this, she said didn’t spend money on, nothing should be award. But the backbone of the republic of didn’t charge, do not represent the spine is not charging, the organizers said two selection are the two concepts, meaning in fact already very understand. The same host, almost at the same time operating two name that sounds almost celebrity, a do not charge a fee, in this way, first send some real celebrity free certificate, draw the celebrities to do the standard, and to another fee increase appeal - ni ping is the backbone of the republic of selection, I am back in Cheap Versace Belt, two backbone differs as if, each other each other. Organizers have been more vain show business celebrities, the backbone of the republic of so many people is the literary is understandable. Civil institutions run some celebrity campaign, not break the law, be regarded as a kind of commercial behavior, someone to name someone for goods, the buyer and the seller to get it, although carried out the back so earth-shattering name some not honest, have the suspicion of misleading the public. Now that is not the government behavior in the selection standard, whether to charge these issues, fake versace belt Internet users don’t care, as long as you don’t want to when back, let’s just be cheap versace belt a joke. In this case, the most miserable is NiPingNi elder sister, is so famous, what going to be back, the results to the person when the gun. Democracy advocate and recognition by the majority rule, if do not have a reflection of human nature and the pursuit of, if not humanitarian uplift, if not in the pursuit of their own freedom at the same time, also respect other people’s freedom, so, big tree growth, democracy is often only is tyranny of the majority of such deformities. - Linda I also have a dream, versace belt cheap close look at the # 3 on June 22, the central propaganda bureaus and foreign affairs offices held a news conference, officials in response to a property of the public timeline, vice secretary of the central commission for discipline inspection, news spokesman said Mr. Wu in actively and steadily move. He thinks that public officials property there are two aspects of the conditions is missing, one is the social credit system, the second is the statistical information system, no two system, the establishment of the system implementation is very difficult. The Numbers I quoted you don’t believe that relevant departments have no way to query and statistics, the system is very difficult to play its role in the middle of the practice. ( the spring city evening news yesterday) officials property disclosure regime internationally known as sunshine laws, requiring state civil servants must report to the specific department himself and his family’s financial situation, and open up, let the whole society supervision. Practice has proved that it is the root of the anti-corruption system guarantee, is the ultimate weapon against corruption. At present, there are more than 100 countries around the world, with public officials property declaration made the related law. More than 100 countries in the use of good things, we demonstrated that more than 20 years, incredibly still in the phase of the conditions are ripe, also in actively and steadily move, this is really disappointing. Officials property of the public really need what conditions? What we need to promote to the time to come? Cheap Versace Belt needs to improve the social credit system is the fact, but the author thought that it is not necessary for public officials property. On the contrary, it will be the establishment of social credit system and improve the system of officials as a property of the public on the premise of, is a kind of causal inversion, build social credit is just one of the responsibilities of the rulers, and in this sense, the official public property shall be subject to the supervision of the whole society

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cheap ferragamo belt people are famous for their diligence, no matter what kind of work is very professional, and dedicated to the point of ecstasy, the chongqing evening news said that, during the national holiday of chongqing’s many hospital number and no less than usual, a number of people to see the doctor as are white-collar workers, they usually got sick did not dare to ask for leave to the boss, cheap salvatore ferragamo belts drag the statutory holiday was in a hospital.

It seems we are working hard, but the work does not make people feel happy.

A net friend give work under the definition of the word is in order to survive and have to do bad things, one of my friends said: if I won 5 million yuan in a lottery, the first thing to do is to resign.

Reminds me of my father’s generation.

20 years ago when my father retired with unit leadership had a quarrel, he thinks that his ability to walk is flexible, the mind is very clear, can take a few years, but the unit is not allowed to, can only be one size fits all age.

That s a lot of people have the idea of waste heat, not for office, also not for money, is I do.

And now, I often have such a thought: if the ferragamo belt pension is sent to me today, replica salvatore ferragamo belt I won’t go to work tomorrow, but I’m less than 40 years old! Work has become a bother, survival pressure is on the other hand, can not find pleasure from their work is on the other hand.

It is for personal reasons, but it is also the result of professional ecological environment.

In today’s era, a lot of unit of choose and employ persons and employee relationship became very simple - you work for me, I pay you pay necessary to sustain life, whether you work happy, that is not my thing.

Domestic famous research institutions independent survey company in recent years, this thesis puts forward the happy work, it argues that the proposition is not just about individual, happy is also about the long-term development of the enterprise, can work in physiological stimulate the staff’s good mood, have passion for creating and improving work efficiency and create more profits for enterprises, and is beneficial to build good team atmosphere, strengthen the cohesion and loyalty of employees of the organization.

Therefore, zero company that enterprises should not only pay labor cost, also should be happy employees work, such as providing enough budget, provide various training opportunities f ferragamo belt replica or employees to see the world, even support them to participate in sports and entertainment, etc.

The eve of National Day, the ind ferragamo belt cheap ex system of comprehensive construction well-off society mainly in kunming, the official launch, claimed that kunming will be implemented in 2015, a comprehensive well-off society, these indicators include income, ferragamo belt area, such as social security is a matter of economic and social development and residents’ quality of life of 28 sets of data.

As concerned personage points out, although these indicators is not a happiness index, but the realization of each item is related to people’s happiness.