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Someone despise Replica Gucci Belts classes, in fact is a kind of high requirements. Some scholars as a child is very smart, cultural level is very high, he often think of language lesson, the usefulness of extracurricular reading is the largest. I think Replica Gucci Belts classes and extracurricular reading these two aspects should not be ignored. There is a good language lesson, is to give you hard training, hard knowledge, through the training, you’ll know what is wrong what is right. Extracurricular reading to get knowledge is often uncertain. When I was a kid many extracurricular reading, feel his own aspect of knowledge is good, sometimes even know more than Replica Gucci Belts teacher, Replica Gucci Belts think language lesson learn something, then I still have a bad place, defects in some knowledge, old dictionary. Today I found that the language lesson some hard knowledge is life can be. Such as some idiom pronunciation I still don’t know to go to college, in the middle school has been seen. Such as an idiom, called implement some omissions and amend errors, this idiom is not difficult, han yu’s is mentioned in the article, I met the word, when I was a child see extra-curricular old make up for all the defects will know mean, but I have never got my and lot sound clear, wait I need to teach a class, don’t know how to read these two words, nervous, didn’t go to the dictionary. Light weight of extra-curricular language lesson is not fair, but I think it important to read reference books and on the other hand, soft knowledge from books, light see Replica Gucci Belts textbook makes you know only the hard, don’t write Cheap Hermes Belts a good composition. Hard knowledge on Replica Gucci Belts classes, soft knowledge relies on extracurricular reading, two aspects are the two wings, are all important. I think in the junior middle school, high school, the language teacher should be more respect, they are really great, they can be not wide knowledge. But in the end you will find that the language teacher taught, long-term stuff is very useful in the future. Extracurricular reading should be forced to time relaxing content reporter: in the curriculum also specific rules on t he amount of extracurricular reading every school year, the higher the grade, the greater the amount. Such as the grade 7 ~ 9 (the amount of the junior middle school stage) extracurricular reading, is not less than 2.6 million words, two or three famous books to read every school year. In high school, the larger quantity. What do you think reading is more extensive, the better, or intensive reading books is better? : I feel good, but what to read, better to let the child just looking. I don’t think outside the classroom must see classics. When I was a kid is messy. I think knowledge is not the classic. At first I don’t recommend to Cheap Gucci Belts see those that are more difficult to understand, tired of just because you don’t understand. Some of our arrangement is kindness with kindness sometimes method is not allowed. Shall not be method is not starting from the interest, sometimes we are too much emphasis on teenagers have to read a book, felt he must have the knowledge, then let the students to read. This method may finally will let students think these books are detestable, no taste, easy to produce negative mentality.

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