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Reading should be induced and forced should combine, force is the time, as long as you read this time, what to read, I think it is more flexible, as long as contact with text, formed the habit of reading, will read a good book. I don’t think can only read the classics, such as new standard recommendations and rules of book. Look at these words are obstacle is full of obstacles, how to love to read? Is not forever. For example students like guo jingming let him look, as long as he reading slowly, he will have a differential. Or should start from the interest, otherwise more haste, less speed. New marked benefit is the extracurricular reading is very concerned about, but it seems extracurricular reading requirements too dead, too strict restrictions. When I was a kid in addition to the language knowledge of hard, other time are blind to see, in fact, when the blind to see books are of great help to the later. I think there are some feelings, in the literary works don’t have to feel anxious, because the adolescent children to contact with these things, for these sensitive content, also need not too sensitive, we tend to think too simple, adolescent students especially in the network era, actually their thoughts, their level of maturity, far more adult than we thought. Gucci Belt, the reading is very messy, he also did not go bad, later became a great scholar. Gucci Belt for some books is very elegant, there are much more special, Mr Wu Zuxiang recalls, he didn’t give somebody else listed some very elegant title could list dozens of. So I think to understand some of the complexity of life, is not much harm for teenagers. , of course, also want to for inexperienced teenagers have restrictions and management, it is taken for granted. Reporter: as far as I know, in order to guarantee the extracurricular reading quantity, a lot of middle school Replica Gucci Belts students to read magazines, journals, such as the reader’s digest, you think that reading ma Replica Louis Vuitton Belts gazines and books is the same thing? : reading magazines also can have benefits, of course, is also a kind of reading. But I think there are differences, I don’t read too much some sentimental magazine, because those sad stories and short articles is worse than the benefits of guo’s novels. I really feel like reading popul Fake Gucci Belt ar fiction is better than reading short stories of the squalid sentimental. Because the book is consistency, magazines are fragments, those things a lot of information is useless. Magazine reading is auxiliary, and read online is a bit similar, because those are very short, to write a composition may not help, some young people like to copy down the good sentences. Often, magazine role is this, I think copying sentences no good. I from the tried, then I think of this method is useless, and copy down the sentences are usually not desirable, I to think that it is better to read a person repeatedly, his style of writing clear, imitate him to write. When I watching Qin Mu prose. If you imitate to write, write a later, you will have its essence is a little. So your composition to improve soon. I think the one thing if you like, you can then go to see the different works, he see ripe, you imitate to write, can improve a little composition. A short article I also claim to see a person’s collection. Personally, I think the best way to improve writing ability is finished after repeated read an article, ponder over the next to write again, according to this style to write, to improve soon. Your article will soon get the appreciation of a lot of people, although you are copied. Can’t go to copy, of course, as long as the meaning of his mastery, to imitate, progress will be soon. Reporter: thank you for your time speaking with me. thank you (the Replica Gucci Belts construction period 9) recently, the new platform, theater culture and similar, active in the film market of centered in small theater of drama theater performances.

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