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It should be said that pay attention to private rights is a reflection of social change and progress. At present, our country’s system reform and social transformation is far from complete, all kinds of political, economic, social and cultural contradictions emerge in endlessly, the game of the whole society is full of interest subjects and battle. Is not bound to the public right into the phenomenon of the private sector, particularly striking. Torture problems, for example, the problem of farmers were forced to land expropriation, compensation of urban residents, the management of vendors and so on. For any society, to maintain good order is necessary. Therefore, ferragamo belt cheap public rights is absolutely necessary. Unrestricted public rights are the tendency of infinite expansion, and easy to change to harm the negative force of the society, on the one hand, in modern democratic countries, theory and legally admitted to countries all power belongs to the people, but on the other hand, by reason of ground wide person many, determines the people can’t be directly, often to exercise the power of their own, but to entrust the power of the people’s elected government. This makes the owners, the people’s power, and the exercise of power - the government and related management departments, replica salvatore ferragamo belt there is some degree of separation between them. This separation is likely to cause the power not act according to the will to power owner, but act according to own will and emotion - some county in hunan province, the government to make development and construction, demolition and mobilize residents. Due to the unreasonable compensation and resettlement, and some people refused to demolition, the governm cheap ferragamo belt ent should play for this slogan: who affect my county development for a while, I would affect his life. Who is considered the father of the constitution of the United States of Madison, once said: if everyone is an angel, there is no need for any government. If people are angels rule, don’t need to any foreign government or internal control. He means, not an angel, without exception, so anyone need to accept the management; But this kind of management power is run by the people have the same weakness, thus power itself also needs to be managed. Only to achieve a balance between the two kinds of management, is the sound of a society. Yao Wenhui Of public rights in our country at present stage is still in a strong and dominant position, most of private rights in a weak and to be a dominant position, therefore, it is necessary to change the imbalance, status not equal status. Set in modern society, for the purpose of public rights should be to protect private rights should prev fake ferragamo belt ent law enforcers above society, beyond the need of protecting private rights, make people lose their grip on power. Bai Enpei yesterday morning, the provincial party committee secretary work in the province made in the eighth party congress report pointed out that to realize the construction wealthy civilization open and harmonious yunnan’s goal, the most important is must further emancipate the mind, renew the idea, seize opportunities, speed up the development; As long as conducive to promoting fast and good economic and social development to improve people’s living standards, promote the harmonious development of society, can try to let it go, daring rush… Thought liberation degree decides the speed of economic and social development, it is has been countless facts prove the truth again and again.

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