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Is a consensus of the international community, the country’s population control in a few low growth rate and absolute growth and relatively stable level, is conducive to the harmonious development of society. Clearly, replica ferragamo belt is still far from reach this stage, so the population reasonable adjustment for quite a long period of time is necessary. As for the members say the one-child problem such as growth, sex ratio, aging, replica ferragamo belt in fact, more highlights the today’s cheap ferragamo belt society in education, attitudes, social security and other aspects of not to be guilty of all together with one child policy. About the population, is an ideal state, countries that do not take any of the mandatory measures, the population growth rate can be controlled within a reasonable range, so as to realize from the adjustment to the natural adjustment. But this is based on cheap ferragamo belt patriarchal attitudes behind a complete transformation, the social security system underwent steady improvement, cheap salvatore ferragamo belts the unfair phenomena in education and employment basically eliminated… Before these problems haven’t solved, make any adjustment to the current family planning policy, must be careful. For all ci ferragamo belt cheap tizens of a country, the bank is their purse strings, the reward of labor income can be stored here lived to rise, but the most important, or because they think the bank than their own home safe to safe, money in the bank, the in the mind feel steadfast. But recently, the frequent bank money stolen events within the worrying replica salvatore ferragamo belt - on April 14, handan city, hebei province agriculture bank vault stolen, theft of nearly 51 million yuan, two suspects for the bank’s vault keeper; Fujian timing on April 12, the bank of replica ferragamo belt branch bank embezzled ten million yuan in a local court sentenced fry a litter case, the branch President, vice President, sales director and others were punished by law, but these actions have caused losses of millions of yuan. For a few days ago, shandong pingyuan county court sentenced in accordance with the local young woman diao a fixed-term imprisonment 7 years, the reason is that the state-owned bank employee embezzled 21.8 million yuan to buy lottery tickets for her boyfriend. Bank insiders is an outstanding feature of crime, from executives to home position is not high, can produce a blockbuster case. Seems to be a loophole in the bank are everywhere, to the ghost offers endless possibilities out of hand. Within that someone said, the bank has become a ghost’s paradise. State-owned Banks in so many ghosts, what people thinks of above all is the institutional and regulatory issues. One banker once asked Harvard University financial professional student: what do you think which country is the most financial system problem? Many students answer is replica ferragamo belt; Ask again: which country is the most strict financial control? Many students still spoke cheap ferragamo belt. This seemingly contradictory answers, it illustrates a point: the validity of financial regulation, is by no means control more with less. Beijing normal university finance professor li-ping he said, if only from regulations, punishment measures, replica ferragamo belt’s banking supervision is not backward, even in many ways is very severe. System of rigid is not effective, however, the problem is that no execution, without execution system, and is worse than no system. A system without execution, the root cause lies in the system of state-owned Banks. State-owned Banks are not enterprise, is not an administrative organ, not institutions, but also as a enterprise, the pursuit of the maximization of profit;

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