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As a business entity, the pursuit of the personnel level; As a government, senior management personnel to pursue the highest administrative levels. Such an awkward status, make many regulatory regime for Banks can be evaded, from governor to ordinary employees, it is difficult to have the consciousness of ownership. Senior managers of the one-sided pursuit of benefits, as the performance rank promotion, rather than the bank as a high-risk industry, it is a national bank, have their own country to pay the loss. State-owned Banks risk is the risk of the state, society, people’s common. If one is not the insurance money in the bank, where they put the can? Today, many state-owned Banks in overseas listing, if always own backyard, risk will increase further, little slip, pay is the people of the whole country. So, for the people all over the country a total of large state-owned Banks, the housekeeper, it is necessary from the system to be more radical reform, to make it really take responsibility. Tao 24:27 and disorderly dress in August, fake ferragamo belt is each to the early spring, early summer, the air season, when the weather is cold when hot, mercurial, that people do not know the changes in temperature, putting on his hat and coat show great richness, with kunming as an example, this season have to wear a sweater, wear short-sleeved, I saw some girls wear miniskirts walking in the street in the middle of the night to eat popsicles, and a month ago or winter? Early and I admire their body good, after the age of the body, a while ago because disorderly dressing, suffering from a bad cold, more than 10 days headache bosom is frowsty, limb weakness, until this weekend ran outside to bask in the sun, just slow lead strength. People only know ill health is, ferragamo belt replica how happy would also regret earlier didn’t take good care of yourself. Can a humanistic not sick, but were said to sick, the taste must be bad. Is a such a thing happened last week, the media reporter privately the 10 hospitals in hangzhou, with tea as urine samples, the results have six hospital check out the inflammation in the urine, returned to the reporter with 1300 multivariate money anti-inflammatory drugs. It confuse you, don’t know who is really sick. These days are many diagnosed with a sick person is li-juan Yan cheap ferragamo belts g, the 30-year-old girl in 13 years in gansu youth in good time to do only one thing - make track for a star, she don’t go to school, don’t work, already to see Andy lau, replica salvatore ferragamo belt had become bankrupt, complicity father continue to hong. Li-juan Yang was a kind of psychological disease, called make track for a star syndrome and transmitted to her family, parents are followed her crazy together. In fact, if this disease cure early maybe she is, a year ago have media reported much li-juan Yang enthusiasm make track for a star, but that moment a group of entertainment remember take this thing as attract eyeball, didn’t notice the people actually has been sick, when ill, now finally commit serious, is too late to regret! A life, as long as don’t go out, might infect his family, bane scope is limited. But if sick, a government influence is big, henan xinzheng ancestor mountain national forest park, a 21 km long, 9 meters high cement dragon almost was born. Creative development of the project, the idea is to cement after the completion of the dragon, there will be a lot of people leave their name on dragons, to prove that he is a scale of the dragon - this kind of disease may call it fantasizing, trying to rape the will of all cheap ferragamo belt people. In my opinion, rooted also not developers, but in the local government, the super archosaur project of ecological damage, obviously the humanities, if can not get the support of the local government or acquiescence, is couldn’t get on. Now known as archosaurs has been ordered to dismantle, but if you don’t check the issue, hard to say where there will be such a miracle again. Besides, a sick thing. Last week, the media reported that the two consecutive cases judge different law enforcement was suddenly and violently dozen, judge was playing in hubei, henan, jiangsu judge was playing in shandong, and almost are game of shuttlecocks. This reminds me of a fellow chess player in Beijing, he is then Beijing executive tribunal judges, perennial traveling all wore body armor, fear of accidentally been countered. As is known to all, the happening of this kind of thing from local protectionism, one of our comment author call this illness vassal economy, I agree with you. This is a very serious disease - in a unified, legal regime, there exist the phenomenon of independent vassals, certainly is not a good thing. Remember the girl during the two sessions for euthanasia li yan? Was a severe muscle weakness, in short, the brain can’t through central nervous control the activities of the limbs, a few into a basket case. Of course, our country has not been leud economic disaster to such a serious degree, but through the two cases, we see the local protectionism:

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