It is for personal reasons

cheap ferragamo belt people are famous for their diligence, no matter what kind of work is very professional, and dedicated to the point of ecstasy, the chongqing evening news said that, during the national holiday of chongqing’s many hospital number and no less than usual, a number of people to see the doctor as are white-collar workers, they usually got sick did not dare to ask for leave to the boss, cheap salvatore ferragamo belts drag the statutory holiday was in a hospital.

It seems we are working hard, but the work does not make people feel happy.

A net friend give work under the definition of the word is in order to survive and have to do bad things, one of my friends said: if I won 5 million yuan in a lottery, the first thing to do is to resign.

Reminds me of my father’s generation.

20 years ago when my father retired with unit leadership had a quarrel, he thinks that his ability to walk is flexible, the mind is very clear, can take a few years, but the unit is not allowed to, can only be one size fits all age.

That s a lot of people have the idea of waste heat, not for office, also not for money, is I do.

And now, I often have such a thought: if the ferragamo belt pension is sent to me today, replica salvatore ferragamo belt I won’t go to work tomorrow, but I’m less than 40 years old! Work has become a bother, survival pressure is on the other hand, can not find pleasure from their work is on the other hand.

It is for personal reasons, but it is also the result of professional ecological environment.

In today’s era, a lot of unit of choose and employ persons and employee relationship became very simple - you work for me, I pay you pay necessary to sustain life, whether you work happy, that is not my thing.

Domestic famous research institutions independent survey company in recent years, this thesis puts forward the happy work, it argues that the proposition is not just about individual, happy is also about the long-term development of the enterprise, can work in physiological stimulate the staff’s good mood, have passion for creating and improving work efficiency and create more profits for enterprises, and is beneficial to build good team atmosphere, strengthen the cohesion and loyalty of employees of the organization.

Therefore, zero company that enterprises should not only pay labor cost, also should be happy employees work, such as providing enough budget, provide various training opportunities f ferragamo belt replica or employees to see the world, even support them to participate in sports and entertainment, etc.

The eve of National Day, the ind ferragamo belt cheap ex system of comprehensive construction well-off society mainly in kunming, the official launch, claimed that kunming will be implemented in 2015, a comprehensive well-off society, these indicators include income, ferragamo belt area, such as social security is a matter of economic and social development and residents’ quality of life of 28 sets of data.

As concerned personage points out, although these indicators is not a happiness index, but the realization of each item is related to people’s happiness.

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