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the spread of corruption, it is the basic condition of perfect social credit system. When it comes to information statistic system, technology seems to be our shortcomings, this reason is untenable. As early as 240 years ago in Sweden has established the official family property declaration, registered and released by the system, since 1766, replica versace belt the Swedish citizen has the right to view from the general officials until the tax listing of the prime minister. At that time did not even invented the telegraph and telephone, not to mention, computer and Internet. Modern government’s anti-corruption agency if you want to survey and statistical property of an official, is more difficult than more than 200 years ago? Officials property of the public need to meet certain conditions, which is itself a matter of pseudo. National authorized by citizens to form a government, the latter by the taxpayer support, provide public services for taxpayers, is a kind of contractual relationship between them, the government officials of the legal salary every penny from the taxpayer, the government administrative expenses of every cent from the taxpayer, and officials of personal and family property transparent situation is a matter of taxpayers’ interests, officials property to the public on a regular basis and at any time shall be subject to the supervision of the query and take it for granted. This must be written into law, though not necessarily, but already is the consensus of civilized society. In other words, in the modern society, public officials property is unconditional, as long as the government is still in the tax, as long as the government acknowledged authority granted by the people, officials property disclosure regime should and must exist. The necessity of officials for a property of the public system, the social from all walks of life has been full consensus, central government leaders have also committed to build a sunshine government. At the end of February, premier wen jiabao to interact with users, proposed should carry out the government leaders of public property system; The two sessions this year, the CPC officials say is working on drafting the official property of the public. Officials property disclosure regime looked away from her, we heard the condition of lacking, investigate its fundamental, is a matter of vested interests. Still remember in 2009 during the two sessions, the country has a random survey of official media, 97% of official said on the grounds that the timing was not mature or other reasons not in favor of immediate officials property disclosure regime, why speak for themselves. Officials property disclosure regime once established, under the existing conditions is likely to interfere with specific groups of vested interests, but both based on the reality and in the long run, it is conducive to the fundamental interests of all citizens, cheap versace belt contribute to building a clean and efficient government. Thus the sunshine laws must be established as soon as possible, enable, the sooner, the more conducive to achieve the goal of anti-corruption. As for the system of social credit system, the information statistics the problem isn’t a problem, can in the practice of the system gradually improve. And if not to start the system, the so-called lack of conditions will be the lack of forever, the so-called premature will be never have time. In a word, the official property of the public lack is not the condition, but the strong men DuanWan determination. Too much color, the person’s vision has been numb, cheap versace belts so the heart of the visually impaired. Voice filled with so much, hearing also numb, is deaf. Too much taste stimulus, but sensual enough, there is no detailed understanding, and have a breath of cool, and no taste. And that constantly run chasing outward senses the indulgence of the flesh, and like crazy horse, have no the introspection of the heart space, how to accommodate us? - Jiang Xun letter to young artists traditional education tell us that art originates from life, and higher than life. Jiang Xun told us, life itself is art

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