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is prostitution places near your school, so corrupt social ethos, our children live in it, feel the society day by day, as children without discrimination, you ask them how to grow healthy? As the saying goes, who nearly black ink, in such circumstances can children healthy growth? We have always advocated the construction of material civilization and spiritual civilization construction, and it is both hands to grasp, both hands to hard, the slogan for many years, the result? Economy is up, but the spirit?

The general mood of society? Is every day to fall, we haven’t the relevant government departments responsibility? 3 it is our responsibility to media didn’t? Attract eyeball, whatever the current media, dazzling, is always the introduction of large space, publicity, and expose those processes write very detailed, the body lets a person very dazzling, chicken school door, the door first, yan zhao door yellow event is always the focus of the media articles, omnipresent advertising always full, network TV, painless abortion, promote safe abortion, sexual medicine spread everywhere, especially those by said their sex or posing nude talk his sex life overnight success, authorities also heavily employ these so-called celebrities, such as ma, the flow of a savage beast, thought she was not due to some worth one hundred times? These extremely abnormal events don’t affect the growing of teenagers?

And how to pay attention to the healthy growth of children always in inconspicuous places or nowhere. Fourth, some experts say the licentious even personal lives, don’t push teens to fall abyss? Represented in the first half of the so-called experts such as li, said licentious unexpectedly is personal problems, should not be law, under such talk, corrupt sex life began to overflow, first the nanjing certain professor licentious, then 17 year old girl licentious, then we will see more licentious, Replica Versace Belt don’t know if these so-called experts have the human nature, have a sense of social responsibility, there is now such a thing these experts haven’t responsibility?

17 year-old li jie was in such a social environment in such a painful thing, but now I asked her to take full responsibility, is not is humiliate of our education system, or to our socialist spiritual civilization construction of irony, or what we call expert guidance, Replica Versace Belt can only sigh with emotion, write down these powerless words.
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