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The next day, I called on both sides of the parents and tell them we divorce decision, dull to look at me, they can’t believe, ask me is what reason, my tears flow out, said we don’t fit, I didn’t say he need to take care of sexually transmitted diseases, he also toward their parents say: mom, dad, I’m sorry, I and LAN LAN feelings doesn’t fit, I agreed to her reReplica Versace Beltst. His father a slap in the face to face, and told him to kneel down, and then he asked me can you change your decision and I cried and said to her father-in-law, I’m sorry, we really is not suitable, we separate maybe happiness to both sides, if forced together, will never be happy. My parents looked at me in tears, not to be quiet.

A few days later, may know the reason, his parents agreed to the reReplica Versace Beltst, we divorce yesterday, my father-in-law took my hand and said, LAN LAN, I’m really sorry you, I should keep such a beast, married to give you add any things we all don’t, including family together to buy you a new house, we both were sent to you, this is our sorry you a little compensation, hope you can forgive us. Vocational and technical schools, houjie town, dongguan, 17 years old girl li jie has repeatedly and boy licentious, and someone will be video posted online, causing very bad influence. 17 year old girl, teenage girl, at school, but also a minor, do such a thing, really painful, and she will pay a heavy price for their actions, will likely have a jail term, for her wonderful life will be difficult to erase the shadow. However, we think, the responsibility of the 17 year old girl who is licentious? Don’t want to blame all let li jie to take?

Adolescent youth of a young girl, about life, about the future, the society is still on the stage of children of the young girl to take so shouldn’t bear the pain, we these so-called adults, the gentleman, especially those in whom the law or social morality does not feel shame? Called the construction of socialist spiritual civilization for many years, so painful things! Followed by our society whether it is time to change? In 30 years reform and opening up, is the general mood of society increasingly fallen thirty years, prostitution or whoring, corruption, eroticism, gambling, poison, money, one night stands, not forever lover, mistress, sexual pleasure, pursue had become the most popular words such as vocabulary, is currently the most popular social phenomenon

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