For a long time

This move, both for the guard the safety of the $1.9 trillion of foreign exchange reserves, or for the future, and even reflect adapted to Replica Designer Belts’s overall national strength of influence in the international financial order is a must make a strategic choice, is a changes in the current international financial environment attack in defense, attack and defense of the major initiatives.

For a long time, the central bank gold reserves JiDi suffered from all walks of life. Since Replica Designer Belts’s accession in 2001, the effect of the weak dollar policy came out to the United States, many healthyenterprise constantly called on the central bank for the rapid growth of foreign exchange reserves on the one hand, diversification, guard against the risk of dollar depreciation, on the other hand, must increase gold reserves, strengthen Replica Designer Belts’s ability to resist the international financial risk. since 2001, the central bank for gold reserves only had two adjustment, and long-term since 2003 hovers around 600 tonnes of poor level. In March 2008 Numbers, for example, global gold reserves total 29872.7 tons.

The United States is the largest gold reserves, 8133 tons, accounting for nearly 80% of foreign exchange reserves, the second is Germany, is more than 3400 tons, accounting for nearly 70%, the proportion of foreign exchange reserves other 2586.9 tons was followed by France, Italy’s 2451.8 tons, even through this adjustment, Replica Designer Belts has only was ranked fifth. Through this overhaul, accounts for the proportion of $1.9 trillion in foreign exchange reserves are still less than 2% of the poor, and in Replica Designer Belts before the United States, German, French, Italian above 50%, compared to the high proportion of gap, beyond imagination, be worthy of the name of foreign exchange reserve power, small gold reserves. The result of long-term do not take the gold reserves, is the current dilemma of Treasury bonds, riding a tiger.

Within the current Replica Ferragamo Belt economy, it can be said that is held by real estate, has been kidnapped by the dollar, huge foreign exchange reserves 70% of the total investment assets us treasuries and the dollar decline and fall under the condition of a foregone conclusion, found it hard to ensure their safety, let alone long-term returns, and unconsciously become the United States government, the world’s largest creditor. Such an asset structure, even in the absence of the global financial crisis, for Replica Designer Belts, is a very dangerous choice, how much more in the current circumstances. From now, in order to prevent the economy into recession for a long time, all economies have been printing money, including the United States, by printing money, otherwise, cannot deliver on the promises of economic recovery, and in March, the fed’s purchases of treasuries is clear to tell us, is creditors, including Replica Designer Belts, Japan, America’s economy once again time to pay. For this embarrassing situation, some people think we in addition to continue to buy us treasuries, have no choice, this is actually a kind and foolish desire, to the United States still fantasy.

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