still very right choice

To determine the price of refined oil products sales. When oil prices below $80 a barrel, cost profit rate is 5%; When oil prices more than $130, will Replica Designer Belts’s refined oil price and international oil prices. Most people concern is classified as: when the price of crude oil for under $80 a barrel, cost profit margin was 5%; Crude oil prices above $80 a barrel, after each rose $5, cost profit margin decreased by 1%.

When the price of crude oil at $105, cost profit rate is zero. In this way, one about the interests of all Replica Ferragamo Belt people from January 1, 2009 the implementation of public policy to now, people in addition to see a draft text, ignorant of policy details, and relevant departments also not disclosed to the public in accordance with the administrative information disclosure requirements. That in itself is not very normal, more funny is, in our own all don’t know your country’s policy details, the foreign media is first to we need to import the public policy details. I don’t know how to look at the national development and reform commission on the news, more reflects the us some department in power for the people the basic principles of arrogance.

So, under the condition of the policy is not transparent, every time the price adjustment, whether price or price, it is difficult to obtain public understanding and support. Oil price adjustment become the norm in the future, should uphold the principle of public policy transparency, more disclosure by public, active, ongoing new product oil price form mechanism of key information. Include: the price is the basis of the several kinds of international crude oil price as the reference to the average calculated; How long the frequency of the refined oil price adjustment, price range, how to determine the average domestic processing cost, taxes and reasonable profit to determine the standard, and each time the cause of the price adjustment and basis, etc. National development and reform commission (NDRC) can no longer on the disclosure of public policy to squeeze the game, should take the initiative to completely open and transparent.

Only the above information is completely transparent, can prevent oil giant disturbance to the public policy, and to provide such price adjustment after a system model for justice, this is the competent department of state and public policy as the basis for their confidence. (Replica Designer Belts business news column) on April 24, the state administration of foreign exchange bureau chief hu in an interview with xinhua, Replica Designer Belts’s gold reserves has now reached 1054 tons, gold reserves in the world after the United States, Germany, France and Italy, fifth, and sixth Switzerland, Replica Designer Belts for the first time in the countries that one thousand tons of gold reserves. The author argued that the global financial crisis is still under the condition of the vast bottomless, central bank finally increase gold reserves, is a long overdue, still very right choice.

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