House crunchy

Third, because it is pre-sale, buyers only can see the body frame house, specific supporting details can only imagine the look model. Developers often use this fuzzy period for residential roads, afforestation, clubs, etc. empty promises, some even modify planning disputes; Fourth, the pre-sale system led to developers and buyers in the game is very unequal, thus resulting in substandard housing quality, shoddy work, etc., in recent years, House crunchy, F. YY, such as quality accidents and sale system are not unrelated; Fifth, proved last year, when the downturn in the real estate developers through the pre- sale system vulnerabilities, vigorously false mortgage from the bank to cash, bank fraud, credit funds; Sixth, the lack of a sound housing registration system, developers in the case of rising house prices to reap higher profits, after the house is completed, The house sold to someone else again, a house two to sell, resulting in a house more encumbered dispute after another, Replica Fendi Belt and so on. Given the pre-sale system, there are many congenital defects system, as early as 2005, the central bank said in a report pointed out that a lot of market risk and trading real estate issues, rooted in the pre-sale system. Therefore, the report recommends: abolition of the existing housing pre - sale system, change the Forward House sale Replica Louis Vuitton Belts s for existing homes sales in order to promote the sustainable development of the property market. March 2006, 33 deputies submitted a motion proposed to abolish the housing sale system, in 2007, the national number of NPC deputies and CPPCC members proposed to abolish housing during the two sessions continued sale. In the case of the current price rise is not rational, the majority view of academia and industry is considered should be completely abolished as soon as possible, to achieve real estate sales of existing homes. Moreover, after nearly a decade of prosperity of the real estate market, Gucci Belt real estate development enterprises in terms of its own funds and previously quite different, especially after the prices rose after 2009, most developers do not lack enterprise money, with the complete abolition of the pre-sale system, to achieve the basic conditions for home sales of existing homes. However, for developers, the benefits of pre-made so they have been firmly opposed to the complex because the interests of the game, although the Ministry of Construction to encourage sales of existing homes over the conduct, but does not seem to intend to completely abolish the recent pre-prepared plan, but tend to its improvement. For example, when asked in the process of sale, the minimum size shall not be less than the sale of licensed buildings; standardize the pre-sale program for developers, requiring pre-sale program should include the construction schedule, the pre-sale housing material, the area of forecasting and apportionment , sale prices and volatility, and other important content, and provides pre-sale program in the main content is changed, Cheap Versace Belts it should be reported to the competent authorities for the record and publicity; in order to ensure the quality of housing, encourage the country to implement the sale of commercial housing quality guarantee system and so on. However, these initiatives perfection does not completely eliminate the drawbacks of the pre-sale system, especially considering the long-term existence of the reason why the sale made in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong a sound legal, regulatory mechanisms of sound credit and have a great relationship.

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