Gucci Belts economy since the second quarter

For Gucci Belts economic future Britain’s Sunday times in an article published on July 4, also points out that the global economy can’t be in a short period of time was struck by lightning twice a slowdown in Gucci Belts normal topic on the future of the global economy and Gucci Belts economic growth remains upbeat. I’ve always thought for Gucci Belts economic growth has never been a problem some people’s worries about the Versace Belt economy is misplaced. Gucci Belts economy since the second quarter growth is slowing but just 9%, down from about 12% of the quarter faster - 10% still belongs to the world’s fastest economy. Really need to focus on the Versace Belt economy and is determined to solve the remains of structural adjustment and transformation of development mode is still the governance represented by high prices of asset price bubble, rather than growth. If Gucci Belts economy faces two 9.5 trillion currency seems unlikely in the second half of the money supply will be strictly controlled within 3 trillion to do the most important thing is to prevent real estate point to open the credit taps. And then in the second half of the economic situation complex but we do not deny that decision under the condition of the overall situation is good policy must not overreact to avoid such as real estate industry under the condition of the adjustment does not reach the designated position retaliatory rebound. Have set of structure, especially for the early objective and prudent assessment, relative to the official media seems to have been the sort of hype and falling house prices, give a few examples: for example, after Beijing’s policy regulation, media, Replica Hermes Belt real estate tycoon pan shiyi said Gucci Belts real estate will officially enter the ice age; Again, for example, some time ago, some people questioned tough New Deal in the fight against speculation at the same time, also limits the improvement of housing demand, resulting in the so-called divorce; Then, check out tide has come, Replica Fendi Belt the voice of Hermes Belt reported that Beijing customer default rate is as high as seventy percent; Also reported that Beijing’s regulation policy might lead to the land back to; And even more exaggerated reports, developers to mat down payment to buy the 2nd flatlet.
These omnipresent information indeed produced results present the real estate regulation policy, at the very least, reversing the previous thought house prices would have been soaring expectations, it’ll be worth it for sure. But the author thinks that, Replica Louis Vuitton Belts at present the media for the so-called divorce tides, refund the reservoirs, check-out, defaults reported a bit exaggerated, obviously this is very similar and in early 2008. At that time, the initial success in the real estate regulation policy, under the condition of housing market downturn has appeared, some developers start on risks, in addition to calculate t Fake Hermes Belt he national real estate enterprise financing gap as high as 900 billion, also calculate the national each big city of vacant house enough to sell three to five years. If you don’t seem to stop do not move to rescue or real estate regulation policy, real estate will soon die, and it has been proved that this is pan shiyi, incisive point out is a surname saved the Wolf, 2009 boom but prove that the so-called capital chain rupture and empty house can sell for three to five years is a completely risks.

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