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But partial is the spirit of Internet users log on to the central people’s ferragamo belt website, found that let’s population of 1.

3 billion, cheap hermes belts 1.

3 billion square kilometres of the vast country, vice premier of the state council consists of four, deputy secretary-general of the state council on part-time only nine.

Is tieling city ferragamo belt thing than thing under the state council, all difficult? In fact it says new nor fresh.

Had reported last year, shandong zhanhua except 1 county, six deputy county magistrate, was another 15 county assistant; , local people said the county ferragamo belt from the head, second in command, the 3rd until 20 second in command, leadership is almost became of guanyin.

Everyone has a mouth, have something to eat.

Officials also want to eat their food come from? Nature is from our people pay a shekel, immortal a administers, the burden of the people is heavy.

How heavy is the burden of cheap ferragamo belt people? History of the communist party of replica ferragamo belt publishing house published his book reading the new ferragamo belt has a set of data is telling: the history of our country needs financial support of the staff and the ratio of the ordinary people, han is 1:9 45, the tang dynasty is 1:500, when the qing dynasty emperor kangxi to 1:9 1, since the founding of new replica ferragamo belt early is 1:6 00; For the moment? This ratio is 1-28 people on average, will support a receive salaries.

Two years before I go with her tieling living wife mobilization, anyway I will not answer, ferragamo belt cheap it is freezing, which have our good in kunming.

Now I’m a little shaken, and tieling is good also, somehow is a big city, fixed can also mix a deputy secretary-general.

I put this idea with the wife, the wife is very disdain: are you a little skill, can also be a good assistant secretary? I answer with a smile: deputy secretary general of a total of 20, one more thing guys a contribution, also don’t have mu replica ferragamo belt ch, points minutes! (zhang ye, ten niang, sister-in-law, a bear pick saw don’t angry, tieling person is very good, is immortal too much administers!) Eleven long holiday passed blink of an eye, starting today, we went back to work.

In fact as early as two days ago, I had already entered the work state — is full day working at what stage in the, what is first thing after work.

Believe that a lot of people like me, it is difficult to completely put aside work to enjoy the holiday.

If we had some kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder, only working in the in the mind dependable? A cheap ferragamo belt large recruitment website during the holiday season made a survey of more than 5000 workers, found that more than sixty percent of people with similar obsessive-compulsive disorder, many people even on holidays, will wake up early in the morning, don’t sleep lie-in, mobile phone is upset, the bell rang for the unit leadership has something for someone.

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As a business entity, the pursuit of the personnel level; As a government, senior management personnel to pursue the highest administrative levels. Such an awkward status, make many regulatory regime for Banks can be evaded, from governor to ordinary employees, it is difficult to have the consciousness of ownership. Senior managers of the one-sided pursuit of benefits, as the performance rank promotion, rather than the bank as a high-risk industry, it is a national bank, have their own country to pay the loss. State-owned Banks risk is the risk of the state, society, people’s common. If one is not the insurance money in the bank, where they put the can? Today, many state-owned Banks in overseas listing, if always own backyard, risk will increase further, little slip, pay is the people of the whole country. So, for the people all over the country a total of large state-owned Banks, the housekeeper, it is necessary from the system to be more radical reform, to make it really take responsibility. Tao 24:27 and disorderly dress in August, fake ferragamo belt is each to the early spring, early summer, the air season, when the weather is cold when hot, mercurial, that people do not know the changes in temperature, putting on his hat and coat show great richness, with kunming as an example, this season have to wear a sweater, wear short-sleeved, I saw some girls wear miniskirts walking in the street in the middle of the night to eat popsicles, and a month ago or winter? Early and I admire their body good, after the age of the body, a while ago because disorderly dressing, suffering from a bad cold, more than 10 days headache bosom is frowsty, limb weakness, until this weekend ran outside to bask in the sun, just slow lead strength. People only know ill health is, ferragamo belt replica how happy would also regret earlier didn’t take good care of yourself. Can a humanistic not sick, but were said to sick, the taste must be bad. Is a such a thing happened last week, the media reporter privately the 10 hospitals in hangzhou, with tea as urine samples, the results have six hospital check out the inflammation in the urine, returned to the reporter with 1300 multivariate money anti-inflammatory drugs. It confuse you, don’t know who is really sick. These days are many diagnosed with a sick person is li-juan Yan cheap ferragamo belts g, the 30-year-old girl in 13 years in gansu youth in good time to do only one thing - make track for a star, she don’t go to school, don’t work, already to see Andy lau, replica salvatore ferragamo belt had become bankrupt, complicity father continue to hong. Li-juan Yang was a kind of psychological disease, called make track for a star syndrome and transmitted to her family, parents are followed her crazy together. In fact, if this disease cure early maybe she is, a year ago have media reported much li-juan Yang enthusiasm make track for a star, but that moment a group of entertainment remember take this thing as attract eyeball, didn’t notice the people actually has been sick, when ill, now finally commit serious, is too late to regret! A life, as long as don’t go out, might infect his family, bane scope is limited. But if sick, a government influence is big, henan xinzheng ancestor mountain national forest park, a 21 km long, 9 meters high cement dragon almost was born. Creative development of the project, the idea is to cement after the completion of the dragon, there will be a lot of people leave their name on dragons, to prove that he is a scale of the dragon - this kind of disease may call it fantasizing, trying to rape the will of all cheap ferragamo belt people. In my opinion, rooted also not developers, but in the local government, the super archosaur project of ecological damage, obviously the humanities, if can not get the support of the local government or acquiescence, is couldn’t get on. Now known as archosaurs has been ordered to dismantle, but if you don’t check the issue, hard to say where there will be such a miracle again. Besides, a sick thing. Last week, the media reported that the two consecutive cases judge different law enforcement was suddenly and violently dozen, judge was playing in hubei, henan, jiangsu judge was playing in shandong, and almost are game of shuttlecocks. This reminds me of a fellow chess player in Beijing, he is then Beijing executive tribunal judges, perennial traveling all wore body armor, fear of accidentally been countered. As is known to all, the happening of this kind of thing from local protectionism, one of our comment author call this illness vassal economy, I agree with you. This is a very serious disease - in a unified, legal regime, there exist the phenomenon of independent vassals, certainly is not a good thing. Remember the girl during the two sessions for euthanasia li yan? Was a severe muscle weakness, in short, the brain can’t through central nervous control the activities of the limbs, a few into a basket case. Of course, our country has not been leud economic disaster to such a serious degree, but through the two cases, we see the local protectionism:

cheap salvatore ferragamo belts the unfair

Is a consensus of the international community, the country’s population control in a few low growth rate and absolute growth and relatively stable level, is conducive to the harmonious development of society. Clearly, replica ferragamo belt is still far from reach this stage, so the population reasonable adjustment for quite a long period of time is necessary. As for the members say the one-child problem such as growth, sex ratio, aging, replica ferragamo belt in fact, more highlights the today’s cheap ferragamo belt society in education, attitudes, social security and other aspects of not to be guilty of all together with one child policy. About the population, is an ideal state, countries that do not take any of the mandatory measures, the population growth rate can be controlled within a reasonable range, so as to realize from the adjustment to the natural adjustment. But this is based on cheap ferragamo belt patriarchal attitudes behind a complete transformation, the social security system underwent steady improvement, cheap salvatore ferragamo belts the unfair phenomena in education and employment basically eliminated… Before these problems haven’t solved, make any adjustment to the current family planning policy, must be careful. For all ci ferragamo belt cheap tizens of a country, the bank is their purse strings, the reward of labor income can be stored here lived to rise, but the most important, or because they think the bank than their own home safe to safe, money in the bank, the in the mind feel steadfast. But recently, the frequent bank money stolen events within the worrying replica salvatore ferragamo belt - on April 14, handan city, hebei province agriculture bank vault stolen, theft of nearly 51 million yuan, two suspects for the bank’s vault keeper; Fujian timing on April 12, the bank of replica ferragamo belt branch bank embezzled ten million yuan in a local court sentenced fry a litter case, the branch President, vice President, sales director and others were punished by law, but these actions have caused losses of millions of yuan. For a few days ago, shandong pingyuan county court sentenced in accordance with the local young woman diao a fixed-term imprisonment 7 years, the reason is that the state-owned bank employee embezzled 21.8 million yuan to buy lottery tickets for her boyfriend. Bank insiders is an outstanding feature of crime, from executives to home position is not high, can produce a blockbuster case. Seems to be a loophole in the bank are everywhere, to the ghost offers endless possibilities out of hand. Within that someone said, the bank has become a ghost’s paradise. State-owned Banks in so many ghosts, what people thinks of above all is the institutional and regulatory issues. One banker once asked Harvard University financial professional student: what do you think which country is the most financial system problem? Many students answer is replica ferragamo belt; Ask again: which country is the most strict financial control? Many students still spoke cheap ferragamo belt. This seemingly contradictory answers, it illustrates a point: the validity of financial regulation, is by no means control more with less. Beijing normal university finance professor li-ping he said, if only from regulations, punishment measures, replica ferragamo belt’s banking supervision is not backward, even in many ways is very severe. System of rigid is not effective, however, the problem is that no execution, without execution system, and is worse than no system. A system without execution, the root cause lies in the system of state-owned Banks. State-owned Banks are not enterprise, is not an administrative organ, not institutions, but also as a enterprise, the pursuit of the maximization of profit;

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It should be said that pay attention to private rights is a reflection of social change and progress. At present, our country’s system reform and social transformation is far from complete, all kinds of political, economic, social and cultural contradictions emerge in endlessly, the game of the whole society is full of interest subjects and battle. Is not bound to the public right into the phenomenon of the private sector, particularly striking. Torture problems, for example, the problem of farmers were forced to land expropriation, compensation of urban residents, the management of vendors and so on. For any society, to maintain good order is necessary. Therefore, ferragamo belt cheap public rights is absolutely necessary. Unrestricted public rights are the tendency of infinite expansion, and easy to change to harm the negative force of the society, on the one hand, in modern democratic countries, theory and legally admitted to countries all power belongs to the people, but on the other hand, by reason of ground wide person many, determines the people can’t be directly, often to exercise the power of their own, but to entrust the power of the people’s elected government. This makes the owners, the people’s power, and the exercise of power - the government and related management departments, replica salvatore ferragamo belt there is some degree of separation between them. This separation is likely to cause the power not act according to the will to power owner, but act according to own will and emotion - some county in hunan province, the government to make development and construction, demolition and mobilize residents. Due to the unreasonable compensation and resettlement, and some people refused to demolition, the governm cheap ferragamo belt ent should play for this slogan: who affect my county development for a while, I would affect his life. Who is considered the father of the constitution of the United States of Madison, once said: if everyone is an angel, there is no need for any government. If people are angels rule, don’t need to any foreign government or internal control. He means, not an angel, without exception, so anyone need to accept the management; But this kind of management power is run by the people have the same weakness, thus power itself also needs to be managed. Only to achieve a balance between the two kinds of management, is the sound of a society. Yao Wenhui Of public rights in our country at present stage is still in a strong and dominant position, most of private rights in a weak and to be a dominant position, therefore, it is necessary to change the imbalance, status not equal status. Set in modern society, for the purpose of public rights should be to protect private rights should prev fake ferragamo belt ent law enforcers above society, beyond the need of protecting private rights, make people lose their grip on power. Bai Enpei yesterday morning, the provincial party committee secretary work in the province made in the eighth party congress report pointed out that to realize the construction wealthy civilization open and harmonious yunnan’s goal, the most important is must further emancipate the mind, renew the idea, seize opportunities, speed up the development; As long as conducive to promoting fast and good economic and social development to improve people’s living standards, promote the harmonious development of society, can try to let it go, daring rush… Thought liberation degree decides the speed of economic and social development, it is has been countless facts prove the truth again and again.

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In today’s era of globalization, we can see that the table tennis this movement from the west, now rely on the background of Louis Vuitton Belt’s athletes and coaches to spread its skills, this is Louis Vuitton Belt’s contribution to the table tennis world. And zhang yining, guo yue play what’s up, on behalf of Singapore, is zhang yining’s table tennis team in childhood, it is a bit like the plot of the novel. Sport is our pride, but not so much complicated meaning. Today we have a chance to see zhang yining and wang nan to us the wonderful game, the height of the Louis Vuitton Belt table tennis is peerless. Then, we use the title to prove himself not the sick man of Asia, Louis Vuitton Belt Cheap today, we introduce to the world and carry forward the table tennis. Louis Vuitton Belt is in progress in the development of national sport.

We know that the way of table tennis pursuit is the pursuit of a higher level. Get champion rejoicing, of course, but the new realm of table tennis is our contribution to mankind. Women’s volleyball team played last night, I had been watching TV broadcast on the screen of the Louis Vuitton Belt women’s volleyball team against venezuela. Of course, due to the strength quite far off, so the game is not good. But see the women’s volleyball game or let me have the feeling of a kind of vicissitudes of life, especially the narrator of the broadcast was Song Shixiong, when he let the same voice and generous style of language is a part of our youth. Today, he is still good sword sharp enough. The explanation of the Olympic Games. This let I seem to have a heart of old friends reunited, also a bit back in time. Song Shixiong voice seems to be very full and abundant, Fake Louis Vuitton Belt of course, like a bit of a lack of space. May young friends may not understand the beauty of this style, but in those days we were watching women’s volleyball game on TV, without it gushes like passive, not his generosity, exciting, we as if it will be difficult to really feel the atmosphere. I think this was partly due to all of us at that time the mood has for women’s volleyball team is looking forward to, we also have a passion in inside. On the other hand, may be due to the TV was not popular, we are all gathered in the collective dormitory in a public room to watch TV.

Without his excited commentary, we in the nine inches of black and white TV screen is really can’t see why. The Song Shixiong return, just let the young people also experience the passion of the years, is also for 30 years of reform and opening-up. Song Shixiong is a symbolic figure, he has experienced the glory of the women’s volleyball team, also has experienced the decline of women’s volleyball team. He was enough to witness this period of history. And next to him was Chen Zhaodi old women’s volleyball team in that comment. The two men suddenly take old women’s volleyball team and the new women’s volleyball team together. Looking at Chen zhonghe new women’s volleyball team, think of all the old women’s volleyball team, thirty years is really valuable for us. When we are old women’s volleyball team at the university and old men’s volleyball fans, they bring a breath of fresh air. Everyone’s life also is quite monotonous, but sports obsession is actually a sign of youth. I remember the Louis Vuitton Belt central television made a famous show about jersey, is the clothing as a sign of life open, as a break through the stereotypes of life, to the open signs of view. Breakthrough in blue uniforms, put on clothes will have is a sign of life changes. At that time, just hit the gang of four.

The entire country is filled with the atmosphere of a newborn. The women’s volleyball team is the representative of the pure and fresh and new atmosphere. They suddenly received three-peat, let we are all very excited. When zhang xin warm director made a film called the drive to win, is the women’s volleyball team struggle story. The heroine is a volleyball player, as is often the SAN SAN. There is a saying called don’t want to be a marshal of the soldiers, it is not a good soldier. Is a personal capacity, the pursuit of a new dream of imposing manner; , of course, which also shows the hard struggle and mental suffering, but all of these and movies that eagerly into the Replica Louis Vuitton Belts future, toward a new world of passion. There was a volleyball match, we will sit between the air early opacity, crowded room, waiting to watch the game.

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Wang nan smile natural free and easy, zhang yining calm quiet as water. They have a strong will to win, but also has the absolute skills. To between the ball back, its a rhythm in; Scrum, has an interest in. Of course. This is the national sport of Louis Vuitton Belt after decades of experience before he could reach the superb quality.

The outcome for the Louis Vuitton Belt audience is not so, because such a game of Louis Vuitton Belt audience who won gold MEDALS in all, Replica Louis Vuitton Belts there is no opinion, also know that two master versus the inside is filled with the power and beauty of the ping pong, who get the gold medal is the glory. So they are particularly intoxicated, are particularly sports outside no distractions. This is also for decades at the top table tennis for its result of the influence of the Louis Vuitton Belt audience.

The rate of appellation, of course, is not just to get. Table tennis together the history of new Louis Vuitton Belt, but also embodies a lot of emotion and memory. That year the first rongguotuan world champion, chuang tsetung coupled to the ping-pong diplomacy balls affects the world, until the eighty s after table tennis through trials and difficulties after the innovation, until today. Table tennis has feelings too much and too many of the spirit of the Louis Vuitton Belt history of fragment. I remember I knew from a young age to be in the radio to listen to the table tennis match, explanation once Song Shixiong predecessors before then. Wang meng’s novel the eye of the night just took down his listening before explanation.

Chuang tsetung, ninnemann jl.melanoma-associated immunosuppression through b, Zhang Xielin, mei-ying sun, zeng Lin Huiqing, etc are a great hero. I will watch when they experienced the cultural revolution is comeback after the chaos of the early stage. In the period of ping-pong diplomacy, chuang tsetung inadvertently through interaction and American athletes, opened the door of china-us relations. Sport also leverages the relationship between the two powers, also changed the face of the world, this meaning in fact beyond any movement. The future may also be difficult to have a sport can and the significance of this match. I remember in the eighty s, guo yaohua and CAI zhenhua as zhou yu liang at one time. When CAI zhenhua often by guo yaohua. But today CAI zhenhua through coaching career still incredible, guo yaohua but haven’t heard of him for a long time. As for the women in the national famous player even more. The era of material deprivation in Louis Vuitton Belt, sport is actually a gas, a symbol of a win in the air. At that time, there is a slogan friendship first, competition second, truth in fact today is irrefutable, of course, but sometimes due to let the ball hard to avoid also cause some controversy. Although we had to let the ball, but were such a thing, but the outcome is important.

Because the victory in the boost national struggle the spirit. I Fake Louis Vuitton Belt remember I have reported that the chairman MAO chuang tsetung play live, also worry that can’t win, finally get the champion, he was excited. And the middle of the sixties, Xu Yinsheng about how to play table tennis using the dialectics of the article once the country circulated to learn. Sport is so Louis Vuitton Belt Cheap thoroughly the footprint of the development of new Louis Vuitton Belt. But at that time, the development of national sport is self-reliance, hard work, the symbol of a symbol of ideology.

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Reading should be induced and forced should combine, force is the time, as long as you read this time, what to read, I think it is more flexible, as long as contact with text, formed the habit of reading, will read a good book. I don’t think can only read the classics, such as new standard recommendations and rules of book. Look at these words are obstacle is full of obstacles, how to love to read? Is not forever. For example students like guo jingming let him look, as long as he reading slowly, he will have a differential. Or should start from the interest, otherwise more haste, less speed. New marked benefit is the extracurricular reading is very concerned about, but it seems extracurricular reading requirements too dead, too strict restrictions. When I was a kid in addition to the language knowledge of hard, other time are blind to see, in fact, when the blind to see books are of great help to the later. I think there are some feelings, in the literary works don’t have to feel anxious, because the adolescent children to contact with these things, for these sensitive content, also need not too sensitive, we tend to think too simple, adolescent students especially in the network era, actually their thoughts, their level of maturity, far more adult than we thought. Gucci Belt, the reading is very messy, he also did not go bad, later became a great scholar. Gucci Belt for some books is very elegant, there are much more special, Mr Wu Zuxiang recalls, he didn’t give somebody else listed some very elegant title could list dozens of. So I think to understand some of the complexity of life, is not much harm for teenagers. , of course, also want to for inexperienced teenagers have restrictions and management, it is taken for granted. Reporter: as far as I know, in order to guarantee the extracurricular reading quantity, a lot of middle school Replica Gucci Belts students to read magazines, journals, such as the reader’s digest, you think that reading ma Replica Louis Vuitton Belts gazines and books is the same thing? : reading magazines also can have benefits, of course, is also a kind of reading. But I think there are differences, I don’t read too much some sentimental magazine, because those sad stories and short articles is worse than the benefits of guo’s novels. I really feel like reading popul Fake Gucci Belt ar fiction is better than reading short stories of the squalid sentimental. Because the book is consistency, magazines are fragments, those things a lot of information is useless. Magazine reading is auxiliary, and read online is a bit similar, because those are very short, to write a composition may not help, some young people like to copy down the good sentences. Often, magazine role is this, I think copying sentences no good. I from the tried, then I think of this method is useless, and copy down the sentences are usually not desirable, I to think that it is better to read a person repeatedly, his style of writing clear, imitate him to write. When I watching Qin Mu prose. If you imitate to write, write a later, you will have its essence is a little. So your composition to improve soon. I think the one thing if you like, you can then go to see the different works, he see ripe, you imitate to write, can improve a little composition. A short article I also claim to see a person’s collection. Personally, I think the best way to improve writing ability is finished after repeated read an article, ponder over the next to write again, according to this style to write, to improve soon. Your article will soon get the appreciation of a lot of people, although you are copied. Can’t go to copy, of course, as long as the meaning of his mastery, to imitate, progress will be soon. Reporter: thank you for your time speaking with me. thank you (the Replica Gucci Belts construction period 9) recently, the new platform, theater culture and similar, active in the film market of centered in small theater of drama theater performances.

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Someone despise Replica Gucci Belts classes, in fact is a kind of high requirements. Some scholars as a child is very smart, cultural level is very high, he often think of language lesson, the usefulness of extracurricular reading is the largest. I think Replica Gucci Belts classes and extracurricular reading these two aspects should not be ignored. There is a good language lesson, is to give you hard training, hard knowledge, through the training, you’ll know what is wrong what is right. Extracurricular reading to get knowledge is often uncertain. When I was a kid many extracurricular reading, feel his own aspect of knowledge is good, sometimes even know more than Replica Gucci Belts teacher, Replica Gucci Belts think language lesson learn something, then I still have a bad place, defects in some knowledge, old dictionary. Today I found that the language lesson some hard knowledge is life can be. Such as some idiom pronunciation I still don’t know to go to college, in the middle school has been seen. Such as an idiom, called implement some omissions and amend errors, this idiom is not difficult, han yu’s is mentioned in the article, I met the word, when I was a child see extra-curricular old make up for all the defects will know mean, but I have never got my and lot sound clear, wait I need to teach a class, don’t know how to read these two words, nervous, didn’t go to the dictionary. Light weight of extra-curricular language lesson is not fair, but I think it important to read reference books and on the other hand, soft knowledge from books, light see Replica Gucci Belts textbook makes you know only the hard, don’t write Cheap Hermes Belts a good composition. Hard knowledge on Replica Gucci Belts classes, soft knowledge relies on extracurricular reading, two aspects are the two wings, are all important. I think in the junior middle school, high school, the language teacher should be more respect, they are really great, they can be not wide knowledge. But in the end you will find that the language teacher taught, long-term stuff is very useful in the future. Extracurricular reading should be forced to time relaxing content reporter: in the curriculum also specific rules on t he amount of extracurricular reading every school year, the higher the grade, the greater the amount. Such as the grade 7 ~ 9 (the amount of the junior middle school stage) extracurricular reading, is not less than 2.6 million words, two or three famous books to read every school year. In high school, the larger quantity. What do you think reading is more extensive, the better, or intensive reading books is better? : I feel good, but what to read, better to let the child just looking. I don’t think outside the classroom must see classics. When I was a kid is messy. I think knowledge is not the classic. At first I don’t recommend to Cheap Gucci Belts see those that are more difficult to understand, tired of just because you don’t understand. Some of our arrangement is kindness with kindness sometimes method is not allowed. Shall not be method is not starting from the interest, sometimes we are too much emphasis on teenagers have to read a book, felt he must have the knowledge, then let the students to read. This method may finally will let students think these books are detestable, no taste, easy to produce negative mentality.

Replica Louis Vuitton Belts no self-restraint

One hateful, inappropriate conversation, Replica Louis Vuitton Belts no self-restraint, accomplishment, are the result of the spiritual construction of not doing enough. Talk no taste, no rich knowledge, caused the people throughout the life of the mind appears very average. From easy to obtain, journalist adhere to read a book: the whole society becomes calm enough, the mentality of people did not relax before, and reading is so important, what do you have any good Suggestions, let the public can start reading in a book? : the habit of reading needs to be fostered, if before high school will not be able to form a good habit, the university is difficult to continue in the future. Inside the house when I was a child, should give the child a reading nourish, with some mandatory, slowly over a period of time, just practice makes perfect habit, gradually will find reading this thing is to have fun and worthwhile, has been attracted. For adults, I think can from easy to difficult, you can read some useful for spiritual cultivation and relatively easy to book, for example, if you are interested in yi zhongtian teacher, you can read. But should adhere to have finished reading a book. Now most people doesn’t even have to read a book of patience, this is very terrible. Then also need to have self forced, self-discipline. Read twenty minutes every day life have nothing to do with you, this is the most important. You feel interested in the first twenty minutes, twenty minutes later, every day you will find that your mind will have a progress, and you will slowly to get some books to read, so you can read some classic works. For example you from reading yu Dan’s book to read started the first, read slowly to Gucci Belt’s song poetry neatening, it enter the bit by bit. So is not to say that the first Replica Gucci Belts great classic. The beginning if take to read the analects of Confucius, you will feel you with these things, insist on not go down. Say you like to eat something, you can start from public comments on the net out of the restaurant guide, slowly you will see Mr Tang Lusun or chua lam wrote books about eating, you will find which recollects or zhou zuoren is writing about eating, then you will go to the prose, this can branch into to other poetry of Replica Gucci Belts traditional culture, such as bass, fugu is how to return a responsibility, slowly w Cheap Gucci Belts ide knowledge. You will develop a reading from these hobbies. Now some people asked too much, say young people don’t contact with classical, ask some young people scared. And it also can’t be lasting. So we sometimes advocated reading nor too hard, reading lesson is not to, or from the perspective of interest. Actually such often get twice the result with half the effort. Hard knowledge on Replica Gucci Belts classes, soft knowledge on extracurricular reading reporter: your a history of a person to read the first article, talking about zhu zi-qing Replica Gucci Belts film and other . You said, from the language began to study, I noticed that the first sentence: sensitive for the language should be one of the key aspects of life. We read sensitive because of Replica Gucci Belts teaching, so I this words is also very sensitive to you. Could you tell me in detail the meaning of this words? : the language of the sensitive, really is a person’s basic life training. Because the person is through language to communicate with each other, language is the most basic tool of communication, communication is a talk between person and person, one is to write with. We are all, to talk to communicate with words. Life is the basis of the largest in this area, so the language accomplishment is everyone’s most basic training. No matter how change the college entrance examination examination system, language or test, the language of kung fu is the basic requirement of society for people. Language communication power of expression or trained by learning. Training is a language lesson on the one hand, on the other hand, still need to extracurricular reading and exercise. So primary and high school language classes were very important to a person’s mold, not only is the text and language training, there are a lot of the training of life also in, through the study Replica Gucci Belts will get a lot of the enlightenment of life. So the language lesson is full close relations with the life. Such as the college entrance examination has a very strange phenomenon is the society to the thesis comments every time, and we will publish a lot of talk, Cheap Hermes Belts but no one to criticize the math exam. I think there is, on the one hand, writing ability is everyone everyone CARES about, on the other hand also shows that Replica Gucci Belts life is closely linked with us. Reporter: Replica Gucci Belts teaching from 2001 began to implement the new curriculum, also in course standard says more attention to read the whole book, especially advocating less, reading a good book to solve the problem. According to your experience, extracurricular reading to the language classroom, which one do you think of to improve the students’ Replica Gucci Belts accomplishment, language result is more important? : in fact both are important. To learn the language, you can not do without hard knowledge training class. There are two students, one is light to see books without some knowledge of hard, also not line, another is good on the class, from class what also don’t see, and the more terrible.

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